28 June 2013

What I've Been Eating Mashup #1

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 Dad's BBQ - a slightly secret recipe, but I can tell you that 7-Up was used in the marinade! :o) Now that I realize it. I don't have a BBQ recipe on this blog! Must get on that!

Here are some other great recipes to bring to a BBQ/Cookout!:

My sister recently turned me on to raw oats (rolled, whole wheat, bran) As much as I love cooked oatmeal, I have to say I'm ADDICTED to raw oats. I eat it like a cereal with some milk and fruits. I sometimes add honey and sugar if I want some sweetness. 

Obviously if you're watching what you eat, then replace the milk with a non-dairy one and omit the sugar/honey.  I'm not too focused on my sugar intake and I can never let go of my 2% milk *hangs head* :p

Check out more oaty goodness:

Costco Sushi. Nom!

Check out some of these other Asian inspired recipes!:

Pesto Chicken Pasta. Need I say more? :o) I used regular peanuts this time and it was delightful! I love making pesto and experimenting with different nuts. I've since tried this with hazelnuts and spanish nuts (which I still have yet to post up!).

Check out the recipe as well as my other pasta/pesto posts:

More like Edy's Rich & Creamy Grand Ice Cream in Sex In Your Mouth. This stuff is sooo good!!! I was good though and only had this 2830989204 times this week :p Don't worry, I ran most of it off (and almost killed myself bahaha!)

Most of these photos are from my instagram: @GoFeatYourself

If you have instagram, leave your username in the comments and I'll be sure to check them out! :o)

Get Your Feast On!

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