14 September 2010

Simple Crab Rolls w/ a Ginger, Dijon & Soy Sauce

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One of the easiest concepts, I think is sushi--Layer of rice, layer of veggies, of course fish, roll it up, DONE! However, it's also one of the hardest to execute correctly haha. I decided for my first time to cross out completely the sushi part and use cooked crab instead (it's the concept I wanted to try after all). I also wanted to make sure I can do it before I shell out the money for actual good quality fresh fish.

I will admit that these rolls aren't as pretty as I would have hoped, but I kinda like the imperfection. It really shows that they're homemade with lots of love!! haha

Crab Rolls

- pkg of cooked crab meat cut into strips
- carrots chopped julienne
- cucumbers chopped julienne (optional)
- 1 C of rice almost cooked (preferably calrose, but whatever you have is fine!)
- 1 1/2 tbsp apple-cider vinegar (or whatever vinegar you have)

- dijon mustard
- soy sauce
- honey
- powdered ginger (preferably fresh, but we ran out!)

There are great videos online that you can use as reference to help guide you in rolling out the sushi!



  1. You know, at first I wasn't going to join your blog, but it's not your fault that the food looks so good. Guess I'll just have to continue to be teased by all this wonderufl food that I can't even get one bite of. And to think you are making my favorite foods. Aaaahh! Someone help me please. these pics are too much, I can't stand it anymore. I am going to have to try to cook something for myself. Pray for me. :~)

  2. haha Leilani! I'm so glad you decided to join! :) Hope you try some of my recipes ;) (They're easy, I promise!) Good luck and keep in touch!


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