30 March 2010

Protein Oatmeal "Snackies"

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 If I haven't mentioned it enough on this blog already, I'm always looking for new and different ways to incorporate more fiber into my diet. There, I said it again haha. We all know fiber and its many benefits, but sometimes it just gets too boring eating oatmeal, vegetables, oatmeal, vegetables, wheat bread, pasta, rice etc. etc. There's nothing wrong with any of them, but having something one way ALL THE TIME just gets too boring. It's always easier and more motivating  when you're able to switch things up and create something new.

One thing I love...even more than fiber lol is getting inspired. There's a team of 2 lovely ladies that I absolutely adore on youtube called, Tone It Up. They're super fun, likeable, and they have some of the BEST tips for fitness as well as nutritional success. I cook up their protein pancakes all the time and their protein bar video inspired this next recipe of mine. I've been following them for a while and have learned so much.

You can check out their videos on YouTube or visit their official website .

Protein Oatmeal "Snackies" inspired by Tone It Up's Protein Bar recipe

-1 C natural peanut butter
-1 C honey
-1 scoop protein powder
-3/4 - 1 C whole grain oatmeal
-1 handful dark chocolate chips

Combine all the wet ingredients in a saucepan until nice and creamy, then add the dry and stir until  oats are nicely coated by the peanut butter and honey. Let it cool for 5-10 minutes then mix in chocolate chips (you don't want them to melt immediately).


1. You can pack it into squares wrapped in tin foil and refrigerate to create yummy protein bars.


2. you can refrigerate the whole mixture until it gets nice and firm, then break it up into little pieces (or what I like to call them, snackies) to add to your homemade trail mix or just "snack" on them alone.


3. I don't have a picture, but if you skip on the peanut butter and just use 2 cups of honey this would make a delicious cereal as well.


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