27 September 2010

Thailand in the Suburbs!

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It's a beautiful world we live in and the best way to experience that is through our stomachs!! :)

For my dad's birthday we treated him to some Thai food for a fun and casual family style lunch/dinner..."dunch"?

The restaurant seems small at first, but if you follow the narrow walk way passed the counter, it will take you to another dining area. In addition to that, the high ceilings created even MORE space! The interior was very simple yet exuded a lot of culture.

A little piece of Thailand in suburbia America! :)

We started out with some small salads and a delicious soup called Potak, filled with an assortment of seafood, mushrooms bathing in a delicious vegetable and herb broth. Lots of mint and cilantro. Very clean tasting and surprisingly very LIGHT!

 For the main course, we had some Pad Thai Noodles, of course a very well known if not the most popular Thai dish outside of Thailand, Yellow Chicken Curry, and Duck Curry. I've had Chicken Curry & Pad Thai many times, but Ducky Curry sounded new to me. I don't enjoy duck dishes all that much and try to stay away from them, but reading their description of the dish made me curious. I felt a spark in me hoping that dish would be the one to change mind??

No, not completely, BUT I did enjoy the dish which is an accomplishment all its own. The curry sauce tasted as if it were mixed with peanut sauce and the sweetness of the pineapple cuts through all the spice creating the perfect blend of salty, sweet, spicy & a little bit tartness also from the pineapple. SOOO GOOD! The duck was very moist and tender. The grittiness of duck that I don't enjoy was still apparent, but only in the slightest. However, covered in that delicious sauce, I was able to bypass it 100% which is pretty awesome haha.

For dessert we had sticky rice filled with a sweet bean paste of some sort wrapped in a banana leaf....sounds familiar eh?

And of course some Chai Iced Tea to wash it all down.

  Royal Thai gets 2 big thumbs up!!
...and maybe another point because I actually enjoyed a duck dish!
I don't really plan on doing many restaurant reviews (? maybe, I don't know) but this one was just too good not to mention haha :p  

What are YOUR favorite Thai dishes or any ethnic dishes that you think I should try?? :)



  1. Ok, I love the new look wow! Sparkle and Shine woo hoo, looks like a restaurant owners blog. Bravo! :~)

  2. All I can say is I want to eat....lol looks so good...Nice work!


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