26 September 2010

New winners!!

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I've finally narrowed it down to 15!!!! That was quicker than I thought haha

In random order,they are:
  1. Your Fashion Indulgence
  2. You Will Rise Again 
  3. Moiskee
  4. Endy Daniel (photography)
  5. Oh Lead Me 
  6. Carly the Barbie
  7. Virtualust
  8. iPigtails
  9. Pin Me Up Ashley
  10. My Blog Buffett
  11. Canny Chic
  12.  The Nomadic Chronicles
  13. Travel, Teach, Travel 
  14. Tips 4 Green
  15.  Bunched Undies

As a winner, it is now your duty to pass on the love! :)

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award. 

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Pass the award along to 15 other bloggers who you recently discovered and think 
are fabulous!

4. Contact the bloggers that you chose and let them know they won the award.

Congrats to the winners!



  1. thanks for the award http://myblogbuffett.blogspot.com/. 10th place aint bad..LOL

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for the award... It's a real honor...


  3. You're very welcome Ang!

    Amir, I didn't list them according to place haha just a random order! I love all those blogs equally :)

  4. wow! what a wonderful surprise! u really make my day! thank u so much Andrea.. mwah

  5. Oh my gosh, you are such a blessing! I am going to take care of this right now. I've got to do something about my comments, sometimes I don't even realize that i have any. Thank you!

  6. Endy and Leilani, you're both very welcome! :)

  7. Andrea -
    thank you so much for choosing my blog among your winners! :) You made my day!
    I know that you've already recieved the award, but I couldn't help awarding it to you, again. Out of all the blogs I follow, your posts are among my favorite. :)
    Thanks again!

  8. Hi Andrea,

    I am trying to figure out how to get my button so that I can do my post. Thank you

  9. Hey Leilani!! When you click on the picture of the award, copy & paste the url. That will be the url of the picture itself. You can go ahead & post that on your blog like the way you would a normal picture, but choose the "from a url" option instead. I hope this helps! Let me know if you still have problems. xo//Andrea


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