18 September 2010

Love & Suman

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My mom recently took a road trip w/ a few of her friends to Cleveland, OH to visit one of their relatives--a short break from her grinding schedule. It was nice to see her have some fun with the girls, but most especially it was nice to see her back with some goodies or in tagalog we call it, "pasalubong" in the form of filipino yummies haha.

For 3 day's straight, I've been snacking on one of my favorite filipino dessert snacks called Suman, a cloud of sticky, sweet rice flavored with coconut milk and brown sugar wrapped in a hefty banana leaf and steamed to perfection......SOOOOO DELICIOUS!!!!

4 Simple Steps to Eating Suman Properly

Step #1 
Gaze upon its beauty. Smell the fragrant banana leaf. Let it flirt with your senses...you will know when it's time to open it once your mouth starts watering :p

Step #2
  Pretend it's Christmas morning, and slowly and carefully unwrap your present. Continue gazing upon it's beauty. Let it know you're fully committed to enjoying this experience.

Step #3 
Smother it with your love...in the form of sugary sweet crystals of....love....sugar....yeah lol.

Step #4
  EAT IT! ENJOY IT! & most importantly, SAVOR IT because you may not know when you'll be having this experience again! :)

until then, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Recipe coming soon!!


  1. My friend is half philipina and made some for a bunch of us, I was hesitant to try it at first and took a bite to be polite. I was pleasantly surprised!! so delicious! I dipped mine with condensed milk (so bad for me!) Next time I'll try the "sugary crystals of love" lol. Take care and love the blog!

  2. I love it, I love it.. I tried it with the sugary crystal but it was like two years back.. :( One of my students' mum made it.. She was a filipino.. I really miss the taste.. :(

  3. @Gina thank you!! Condensed milk?? never crossed my mind, but will try really soon. that sounds too good. please, you don't need to worry about your diet, you look great!

    @Krislin Neo, that's awesome that you got to try it! I'll try and get the recipe up soon, so you can make it at home. It's pretty easy! :) It's just a matter of finding the ingredients, which can be difficult in some places.

  4. Very nice blog, just follow everything you've got on this blog.


  5. I love suman. We eat them here all the time. They say that going to Antipolo, Rizal is the best suman (I could be wrong). Some fry the suman to make it crispy. :)

  6. @Arbazena, thank u! :)

    @Jazmin, oh wow fried suman sounds so good! i'm definitely gonna try that soon :)


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