30 July 2010


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Lately I've been obsessed with taking photographs of the sky...

...It started that day I was first introduced to the "mammatus clouds" as my brother pointed out. After that up until recently, I just found myself looking up more as opposed to looking down at my feet or any which way that is not in the path of the direction I intend to walk. That's also probably the reason why I tend to bump into whoever is lucky enough to be walking beside me because I can never seem to walk in a straight line, but that is neither here nor there haha. I don't really know what it is about the sky that intrigues me most. Is it the clouds? I do not know every type and scientific name. I just like to look at them :p I like to make out what the clouds are shaped like. Sometimes if you look hard enough, you can see a whole new world in the sky. I've seen coastlines, mountains, canyons. I've seen Barney the dinosaur, rubber duckies. Most recently, I pointed out Yoda to my little brothers. They saw him too, so I'm not crazy!! 

Maybe it's the colors. Anyone who knows me knows that I love COLOR. There are many lazy days, like today, when the sky is just a blank canvas of white or a pale gray. Sometimes that blank canvas is made up of ceruleans and aqua; my favorite is when its sprinkled with blanched cotton clumps or smeared with fluff. Sometimes the sun plays along too choosing always the coolest looking cloud to create that silver lining from behind or if not the silver lining, it just sits at the right spot where only its rays can be seen. On the other end of the spectrum, there are times when the sky will decide to show its "dark side" using an ominous blanket of murky grays and ash to creep over us. I've seen some look so close that it appears to be barely touching the tops of buildings and trees. The most beautiful of them all is of course, the sky during a sunset. A technicolor journey of royal blues to violets to corals & cantaloupes, transitioning into of course the tawny saffrons all before the sun's final goodbye before night . That is, IF you're lucky.

I'm not a photographer by profession nor do I qualify myself to have the title of "Photographer" AT ALL haha. However, I really don't think it's rocket science to discern that the sky, though banal, is a truly magnificent spectacle. Anyone or anything can pick up a camera right now and snap a shot of the same sky we all see above us and it'll turn out great, I'm sure of it! What about composition, lighting, angles, you ask? That's the beauty of nature, it's all provided for you thanks to the Lord! :) This is why "sky photography" has become one of my new hobbies.

I was looking through my pictures from my family road trip to New York and I realized that a good portion of it was made up of photographs of the sky.

Here are some of my favorites.


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