09 November 2012

Confessions of an Admitted TV Junkie: '12 Fall TV Recs

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So I've been checking out some new television shows and I've come across some I really like and highly recommend.

Aarow - Wednesdays 9/8C on CW

I'll start with my absolute favorite.

With The Avengers leading the way there seems to be a resurgence happening in the movie world proving that this genre is in fact an exceptionally legitimate and marketable concept. For so long, I feel that critics have only held these types of films as low quality art. But regardless of one's opinion, it's undeniable that the appeal of superheroes in our culture today can and has positively effected not only the entertainment industry, but our society as a whole. Superheroes (and villains!) and the stories they tell remind us of humanity's limitless potential as well as breaking point in a way that we all can understand.

"Superheroes are colorful incarnations of the human soul" -Alex Wilgus

With that being said, now that Smallville is over, there's been a gap in the market for this genre in television.

I personally am not a connoisseur of the comic book so I had never really heard of Green Aarow, but as I mentioned I feel that one only needs to be human to enjoy them. Bottom line,  Aarow is shaping up to be an incredible show with an incredible leading male *swoons*, awesome writing, and I predict it will be around for a while! (I hope!)

 The Walking Dead Sundays @10/9C on AMC

I remember watching bits here and there early in the first season, but never enough to get immersed in the story. Thanks to Netflix, my mom (who is also a fellow TV Junkie ^_^) was able to complete the whole first two seasons. Her excitement for The Walking Dead reawakened any ounce I had dormant enough to go ahead and tune in to the premiere of the third season. And because I'd missed so much, I didn't really expect more than to be entertained by hissing zombies and a lot of gore.

Needless to say, I was immediately drawn in. The great thing about this show that I wish I had known earlier on is that it's not so much scattered with overlapping plot-lines, but instead more focused on the characters and their dilemmas as individuals and a group, so it was easier for me to understand what was going on (and my mom helped filling me in too).

So, If you happen to have Netflix and a strange fascination with the undead like I do, definitely check out The Walking Dead if you can.  It's definitely worth it! :)

 Revolution - Mondays @ 10/9C on NBC

As we live in a society where we depend so much on electricity, the thought of the whole world in which that is taken away is an intriguing concept in it of itself.

Revolution started off a bit slow, but has since gotten better and better each week.

666 Park Avenue Sundays 10/9C on ABC

I mean the title is pretty much self-explanatory.

 This show is dark and creepy, but also very seductive. I love the mystery surrounding the Drake and what its doing to the residents. My only criticism is that the lead female character, Jane epitomizes and commits everything I rant and yell at these characters NOT do in horror films. With that being said, she does go through some creepy, scary, unfortunate stuff that you can't help but feel bad and root for her.

I'm worried this show will get the ax. I'll keep watching though!

Last Resort Thursdays @8/7C on ABC

This show has so much promise.

In contrast to The Walking Dead, Last Resort is VERY plot driven. The first episode just hits you with a plot that's pretty huge and with characters that have their own little thing going on, so overall there's so many possibilities that this show can branch off into and so far, the writers and creators are doing a great job with the way its all unfolding. The acting in this is amazing as well and each episode is a cinematic experience.

I love this show, but I fear that with the way they've scheduled in so many long breaks within the first season that it may not garner enough ratings to be renewed.

And the the Honorable Mention goes to....
Beauty and the Beast Thursdays @9/8C on CW

Kristin Kruek physically is perfect for the role as "Beauty". But as Catharine, a tough cookie/butt kicking detective who happens to also be pretty, it's just not believable. Also speaking of not believable, I've never seen Beast look so sexy!

This show might as well be called Beauty and the Sexy Damaged Guy.

With an open mind and putting all that aside, this show is actually not that bad. If I'm willing to suspend disbelief for shows like Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, Grimm, etc. then Beauty and the Beast shouldn't be an exception. Even though it started off a bit slow, it's definitely getting better.

Not sure if it will be back, BUT I think it's worth following at least so far.

What new shows are you enjoying?

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