26 October 2012

DIY: Pop Can Cookie Cutters

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Have you ever gone out of your way to the baking section of the grocery store, the craft store, or even the dollar store only to find that none of these establishments carry the kind of cookie cutter you want? Or simply have you ever just wanted to create some fun and random cookies?

Well worry no more. Here's an easy way to make your own customized cookie cutters out of old pop/soda cans! I decided to go for a Halloween theme this time around :)

For an easy sugar cookie recipe, click here!

Recycled Pop Can Cookie Cutter - Halloween
 Ghost & Pumpkin (Jack O' Lantern)

What you'll need:
  • empty soda can washed 
  • paper and pencil/marker
  • sharp scissors
  • scotch tape (any durable tape works fine)

  1. On a piece of paper, sketch out desired shape and size.

  2. Squeeze center of soda can, then cut slit on folded edge (like how you'd cut a hole on center of paper). Through the hole you've created, continue cutting circumference of can until you've cut out bottom of can completely. Cut into thin strips.

  3. Mold strips.The aluminum is very flexible

  4. Once you've gotten roughly the shape you like. Tape together. Be sure to tape on both sides of the strips for more durability.

These are obviously going to be a little bit more flimsy than a store-bought proper cookie cutter, so be more careful when cutting out cookies :)

Re-usable. Handwash.

Get Your Feast On!

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