18 March 2012

Road to PB & Banana Cream Pie

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Preface. I don't intend for this blog to steer towards my culinary fails, but I figured and hope people out there can relate to these situations....that don't happen often btw ;p Sometimes the most fun I have in the kitchen is the journey I go through in fixing my mistakes. I always learn something new and the final, correct product always ends up that much more scrumptious.

Warning. When making pie crust of the cookie crumb sort, do not bake for too long or else it'll come out hard as a brick and you'll end up having to chisel your way just for a slice. It's a simple concept, that I just got completely wrong.(Refer to the massacre above)
Plan B. If you do end up over-baking the crust. Just serve it in a cute little teacup. It's all about presentation and they'll never know you messed up and actually meant to serve....a pie.
.......and if they do, at least it'll taste delicious!

 Stay tuned for the actual correct recipe!

Feast On,


  1. I've always thought the real measure of a cook is how well they are able to recover. You recovered nicely. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary


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