09 January 2012

New Year's & Fruit Cults

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I know this blog post is kind of late and was close to not posting it at all because of the fact, but I did anyway! I think this stuff is so interesting.

(New Year's Eve 2011 Filipino Tradition)

Many cultures/families have their own traditions for New Year's Eve and my filipino family is definitely no exception. One of many that my family has actively taken on the past few years includes a feast called Media Noche which is supposed to symbolize and promote the unity of loved ones. The size of the feast varies depending on the family. Our's was more simple. Everything served must either be either round (good luck) or long (promotes long life? I think.)

Speaking of round, there is also a tradition involving 12 kinds of fruits (only round, of course) representing good luck for each month of the coming year. My parents get 2 of each kind. I forget why exactly. Maybe it'll double the effect? haha ;) A pineapple must also be placed in the center of the dining table where the feast or food will be served symbolizing prosperity.

Phew! and that's just the food traditions. There are a lot more dealing with money, health, etc. haha. Hey, it doesn't hurt!

Sidenote. I don't kow why, but my makeshift centerpiece (seen above) looks kinda creepy.........like cult...worship...sacrifice...type creepy LOL. I didn't know what I was doing. You'd think that with the whole cooking/baking hobby, tablescaping would just come naturally to me..........nope. I have no game in that department, but I'm prompted to keep practicing! My sister, however, knows pretty and would make Martha Stewart proud.

What are some traditions your family has for ringing in the new year? I'd love to know!

Hope your 2012 is going great so far! :)

Feast On,


  1. By doubling the fruit, wish you can double your good fortune for 2012! Malaysian Chinese likes to celebrate Chinese New Year with pineapple, too as it sounds like prosperity in Chinese.

    1. that's so interesting! I didn't know that. Hmm, I think I shall go buy more pineapple now :)

  2. I found your tradition to be very interesting. I had not heard of it before. I'm so glad you decided to write about it. Our Christmas holiday has many traditions associated with it, but we do nothing out of the ordinary for the New Year. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary


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