13 January 2012

Long Time No See.

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Last night marked the first real snow fall in Illinois this season. You'd think Chicagoans would be used to it by now seeing as how just last year we experienced one of the worst blizzards in history (27 inches of snow!). Not to mention, we're known for our cold weather! But NOPE! Apparently people have been in a state of panic (?!) stocking up on food, water, blankets, salt. It's snow, people! Not the Apocalypse haha.

Nevertheless, our spoiled days of sunny skies, 40 degree temps, snow-free streets are over. Time to embrace the cold hard truth: snow angels, frolicking dogs, snowball fights, ice skating, snow days/no school, movie nights in, HOT CHOCOLATE....We knew it was coming.
Pardon my sarcasm. And yes, I'm fully aware that there's a lot to not love about winter. Two words.......Half Full. And besides, it'll be over before ya know it! :)
Anyways,  I noticed my past few recipe posts have been super simple. I apologize for that. My next one will be too, but if there's any consolation,  it has Nutella in it!  YUM! ^_^

Feast On!

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  1. It is a beautiful photo you have there with the snow! I wouldn't to spend a couple of days at the snow for fun! Simple and easy dish suits us as who want to be a kitchen slave!


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