14 January 2012

Hot Nutella Kisses

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There's nothing better than a mug of hot chocolate after bracing the winter cold......I take that back, yes there is. Let's just say, I NEVER would've thought to use Nutella in hot chocolate and thanks to the interwebs, I was inspired to do so.
The hazelnut flavor from the Nutella really brings something extra special and I added some dark chocolate for a little more depth. I urge you to try this special version of 'hot chocolate'. I'm calling it Hot Nutella Kisses. This is sooooo good!!
When I said simple, I really meant simple lol.
Serves 1 person
- 2-3 (or more) heaping tsp Nutella
- 1 mug (6-8oz) milk
- 1-3 (or more) Dark Hershey's Kisses
* whipped cream
* pinch of ground cinnamon


In a saucepan heat up a little bit of the milk and Nutella until pretty well combined. Add the rest of the milk. Should be hot, but not boiling. Add rest of Nutella and dark chocolate kisses. Whisk until all chocolate is melted.

Turn off heat, then continue to whisk rapidly until top is foamy.

Serve in your favorite mug with whipped cream and/or ground cinnamon. Enjoy!



  1. I was so excited and turned to my daughter and husband and said "look! look!" we eat Nutella all the time never thought to drink it!! this has now been saved in my "to try" folder. :)

  2. I am craving hot chocolate like crazy! This sounds insanely good with nutella! Great idea.

  3. Greetings from Malaysia! Thanks for visiting my blog...it gives me opportunity to discover yours! My kids will be screaming with glee if they get a go at your nutella hot choc! :D

  4. We have a rainy day and I have been dreaming some hot chocolate, with nutella will be nice! :D

  5. What a great idea. This is a lovely simple treat that no one could refuse. I'll wager it is delicious. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary


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