20 January 2011

Light easy snack

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Instead of the traditional bagel and cream cheese I usually have with my coffe or tea, I decided to dress it up with some basil and tomato. Basil and tomato marry together beautifully, so adding it to a blanket of smooth creamy and tasty cream cheese makes it all the more refreshing and satisfying.

All you need are some tomatoes, whole basil leaves, low fat cream cheese, and 2 bagel halves (plain or flavored). You can also toast the bagel if you'd like, but to keep things simpler, I just make it as is. It's delicious trust me!

 I will be enjoying a lazy thursday afternoon!!

Andrea Marie


  1. yum!


  2. ohhhhyuuuummm.
    if i only read this 5 hours ago, i would have doctored up my own bagel.

  3. thanks 7Teen Twenty2 for stopping by! love your blog :)

    haha Alynne, I sometimes have this as a snack late at night too...so sad, but I crave this combo sometimes lol.

  4. oh yummy ~ I'll have to try this tomorrow...maybe then I won't be so hungry after my classes xP

  5. yes Erika, try it! it's light, but filling. u will enjoy it :)


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