22 January 2011

Green Thumbalina!

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It's kind of hilarious because I currently live with my parents and they have this lovely amazing nook, that has now been transformed into a greenhouse haha. My parents have plants all around the house, but they've been dying lately. For several months now I've had the Green Thumb and the nook is the one place in the house that gets an abundance of beautiful natural lighting. In the morning when it's sunny, I like to open up all the blinds. It not only helps the plants, but it helps me wake up. I love this house so much. But yeah, I transferred some of those dying plants into the nook and now it's slowly turning into a jungle. My parents don't mind, which is awesome and all the plants are starting to recover and thrive, which is even more awesome. :)

Here are just a few pictures of my orange bell peppers. I see one baby growing. I hope more start to bud.

Andrea Marie

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