28 December 2010

Project Cupcake Revisited

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For our annual Christmas dinner with the family, I made some cupcakes. Coffee flavored cupcakes to be exact with a coffee, cream cheese frosting. I'm a little bit torn and a tad bit frustrated because a part of me is very proud of them, but at the same time I'm disappointed haha. Proud because I achieved the coffee flavor beautifully. This was my first time making a coffee cupcake. And disappointed because I seem to have a reoccurring flaw in my actual cupcake recipe. The first batch I ever made came out great, so I thought I somewhat perfected it but the last few batches have been very dry and some actually came out dense...yikes! I know it's embarrassing.

Here's how they turned out. My family ended up really liking them anyway, so I feel very touched and somewhat relieved, but this calls for further investigation and re-experimentation haha.

I thought my Project Cupcake was over, but I guess there's till more work to be done. I will try to play around the recipe a couple more times. I THINK I know who the culprit is...FLOUR. I'm going to try and lessen the flour to 1 1/2 C instead of 2 1/2 C. With that I will also lessen the baking powder to 1 1/2 C and see what happens.

Fingers crossed! I'd love to move forward and start really getting more creative with cupcakes, but I can't do that until I perfect my recipe. Wish me luck!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with the ones you love! :)

Andrea Marie

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