25 December 2010

Filipino Food Fun

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A few of my favorite authentic filipino dishes

 Pansit is the filipino term for noodles. This dish is basically boiled canton noodles flavored with soysauce and combined with either pork or chicken and a mixture of sauteed vegetables like green beans, carrots, mushrooms, lettuce. This is very simple to make and super delicious. You can squeeze some calamansi or lime for some more flavor.

 Your basic fruit salad with cream, a little bit of condensed milk, tropical fruits, and of course fresh coconut. You can also add some coconut milk for more of that buko flavor.

 I know...YIKES! right? haha but this is sooo good. All you'll need is a pig "baboy", something to roast it with, and some salt? haha. The skin gets very crispy and the meat inside is very tender and full of flavor. I love dipping this in Mang Tomas sauce, a sweet and savory filipino gravy.

 There isn't much to this. Just boil it and serve. The shrimp has sodium naturally and in this case is very very fresh from the ocean, so it also has saltiness from the ocean too. Sometimes it's best to not mask the natural flavor of fresh ingredients with all sorts of spices and just let nature do its thing! :)

A filipino brioche flavored with butter and cheese. So soft and fluffy. Sweet and savory. and the cheesy crust on top adds the perfect touch. Homemade is probably best since I don't know of many bakeries here in the states that sell filipino style ensaymadas. There's a bakery in the Philippines called Quickmelt and there are a few franchises in California and Las Vegas I believe. You can get some Quickmelt brand products at your local asian supermarket.

My favorite filipino dish of ALL-TIME. Basically it's a stew made with peanut sauce and a mixture of vegetables and stewed beef and/or tripe. I don't personally like tripe, so my mom and dad (the 2 people who make the best kare-kare in the world) don't add it. Eaten with "bagoong" or shrimp paste for more flavor puts this dish at the top for me. Soooo delicious.

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