27 November 2010

Thanksgiving Reflections

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Whew!! So much grub these past 2 days. Thanksgiving has come and gone. I did a lot of cooking of course. We usually try to incorporate filipino/chinese/spanish dishes during the holidays for obvious reasons, but for this year we went super All-American traditional...except for one thing. No turkey! lol I don't know if that's considered blasphemy and I apologize if it is haha, but no one in the family really cares for turkey, so I roasted a whole chicken instead. We had a variety of traditional sides like green bean casserole, potatoes of all kinds, cranberry sauce, stuffing (or dressing in other parts of the country), pumpkin cheesecake, and sparkling soda (my favorite!). It was a very mellow holiday. We didn't have anyone over, so it was just the family. I tried to get some food pictures, but we pretty much devoured everything before I can find a decent looking shot lol. The food massacre was proceeded by a lot of movies, football, hockey, and videogames.

Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving this year!


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