22 November 2010

TOTD: Homemade Pumpkin Puree

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Whether you're carving pumpkins with friends and family, or doing some curb appeal for the holiday season, most people I know will at some point buy a fresh pumpkin this fall. I know my family always does. My mom loves to just lay them on the porch. What a lot of people don't know (or don't care to) is that those fresh pumpkins aren't just sold for decoration or to be turned into a lamp. They're edible!!

Pumpkin soup, pie, side dishes, baby food, bread, cake, cookies, etc. You can do so much with a fresh pumpkin. Why let it go to waste?

Tip: Instead of buying canned pumpkin puree, make it at home! Grocery stores usually start selling pumpkins at the beginning of October or mid September and are sold at a ridiculous price after Halloween is over. Making homemade pumpkin puree isn't as hard as one might think, it's healthier, lasts in your freezer for up to 6 months and quite frankly fresh pumpkin puree beats canned puree in the taste department any day.

 Step #1
Using a pumpkin carving knife or any serrated knife, cut around the stem until you can pull it out.

Step #2 
 Cut along the center (from any side) all the way around until you've created 2 halves.

 Step #3 
Separate the seeds, discarding the stringy fibers.

 Step #4
 Cut into smaller pieces, rub skin with oil. Line baking sheet with foil, fill half way with water.

Step #5 
Bake in oven (400 degrees F) for an hour & 30 minutes (roughly or until pumpkin is extremely soft)

Step #6
 Pumpkin should be really soft. Spoon out the meat of the pumpkin into a blender and puree.

Step #7 
Pour into an airtight container (I save those soup containers from Chinese takeout) and store in your freezer.

and tada!! You've got pumpkin puree that'll last you half the year to do whatever you want with it. 

Pumpkin recipes coming your way soon! :)


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