01 November 2010


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Halloween this year was very laid back. I loved looking out the window and seeing the little ones in their cute costumes...brought back great memories for sure. There weren't many trick-or-treaters that rang our doorbell this time around, which came as a surprise because it was the absolute perfect fall weather for a night like this. Could it be because Halloween falls on a Sunday this year and everyone just wants to chillax, watch some football, maybe watch some scary movies, bake cupcakes, and be lazy?? haha ;) Now we're left with all this candy....my will power will be tested these next few weeks for sure. I'm up for the challenge. I also used today as another excuse to play around with cupcakes and frosting haha. Not helping myself AT ALL :p

Speaking of which, my "Frankenstein" and "Casper the Friendly Ghost" Cupcakes may not have been scary...or accurately portrayed, but I sure had fun making and most especially eating them!

Mummy Pizza Minis (Click Here for recipe!)

Ghoul (goofy lookin') Cupcakes! 
For recipe just follow my Basic Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

He was supposed to be Frankenstein...keyword there is SUPPOSED...meaning I tried? haha

Casper...kinda :p
Hope you all had a wonderful and safe Halloween weekend!

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