22 October 2010


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My mom and I recently visited the local Pasteleria near where I live. I've always driven by it, but never gone inside to check it out....I don't know why haha. But we finally made the visit! There are many pros and some cons unfortunately. While most of the stuff we got (pictured below) were very delicious, there were a couple that fell short..very dry, bland..maybe they were just old and needed to be restocked with freshly baked ones. I also would've have liked to have seen actual names of the pastries and bread written somewhere, so that the buyer actually knows what they're getting. I'd love to have known if anything we bought was authentic Mexican.

The place itself is very small, a little plain--white walls, no picture frames, but very clean and I think all the pastries and breads in full view was enough to please the eye. They provide you with a huge platter and your own tongs and like you would using a cart in the grocery store, you take the goods you want, place them on the platter, take it up to the cashier and they'll ring you up and bag your goodies. I'm not sure if this is a common concept, but most bakeries I've been to have all their stuff behind the glass counter displayed and if you want something, the employee will take it and pack it up for you. I just thought it was cute and a little unique. I hope that they had extra surveillance in the back room to ensure that no one walked out with anything they didn't pay for. 

Overall I really enjoyed it and would definitely go back and try more things.

Here's a picture of the few things we got, which wasn't much. We just chose one of several just to try it out. All for a little over $4! Pretty awesome!



  1. Looks yummy! i'd love to try all on the plate! I love pastry and doughnut...


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