14 June 2010

Don't Sop...Belieeeviing!! Hold on to that feeeeliinggg....

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Can I just say, that the season finale of Glee was pure epic GENIUS!


GLEE has become one of my FAVORITE shows ever! It never fails to bring me to tears. I truly believe that if we all can live by what a show like Glee has proven just by how much success it's received and will continue to receive despite the skepticism, all of us....the majority of us can find it easier to smile with affirmation that the world is a much better place than before we all caught a glimpse of ourselves through the characters of this show. Get inspired...GLEEK STYLE!! :)

With that, I bid the fall season farewell...


 HELLO to the SUMMER lineup!
Here are just a few of the shows I'm looking forward to:

Cupcake Wars Season premiere Tuesday 10/9c on FoodNetwork
FoodNetwork pretty much had me with the title of this new show.

Lie To Me - Monday nights 8/7c on FOX
The concept of this show is so interesting to me--thrilling and full of suspense!

So You Think You Can Dance - Weds 8/7c & Thurs 9/8c on FOX
"Dance Idol" as we like to refer to this show around the house. It's basically American Idol, but on the dancefloor! :)

Drop Dead Diva - Sunday nights 10/9c on Lifetime
I LOVE THIS SHOW!! It's not a show that I can relate to per say, but it does teach me a lot and takes me on a rollercoaster of emotions--laughter, tears, hope, inspiration, whatever ya need haha :)


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