28 April 2010


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Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. 
~Coco Chanel

I have this small affinity for fashion magazines. 
 Not pictured are the thousands more I store in my closet, under my bed, and in the bathroom hahaha.

For some random reality show rambling,

So I am one of the many people out there embarrassed to admit that they used to watch the show, The Hills from time to time. It WAS a tolerable show to watch, but in the most recent seasons, it's just been pretty dull, predictable, and quite frankly, I find it petty to want to watch other people deal with their drama considering it's probably a better idea to focus on our own lives first and foremost. 

Then again, I always find myself watching those youtube videos of people falling off treadmills or watching the inevitable when an overweight woman decides she wants to perform a concert on top of a feeble table. I also find it intriguing watching people do everyday things like doing their own makeup haha.  I guess that same concept applies to watching shows like the Hills. Its like witnessing a train wreck; you just can't turn away.

I caught the first episode of The City, a spin-off of the hit show, starring Whitney Port and to my surprise, I actually really liked it. I find The City to have more substance than The Hills. The show takes the viewers along with them on their journey to making their dreams come true in the fashion industry and dealing with the difficulties that come along with it as well as the benefits and rewards you reap by being determined and taking risks. Basically, it teaches young girls to stay strong, stand up for what they believe in, and that it's okay to want to look extremely fierce no matter where you go. The girls seem more real and easy to relate to, but most importantly they're inspiring.

I think MTV did a clever job incorporating what people love about The Hills, which is the drama aspect into this show where the characters are more ambition-driven. At least that's what I take from it. I could totally be wrong considering I've only seen a few episodes. I'm a fan of Kelly Cutrone as well, so it's a show I will definitely be tuning into. I'm a sucker for anything inspirational no matter what form it comes in.


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