28 April 2010

The Neelys!!

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I've been watching Food Network ever since I was little and to this day still do pretty frequently. For the most part I'm familiar with a lot of the shows if not all of them, but every once in a while the network comes out with a new one introducing a new chef with their own style of cooking that I will eventually fall in love with. In this case there's two of them. Pat and Gina Neely from Down Home with the Neelys. They're husband and wife from Memphis who own and run a BBQ joint together in their hometown. Their recipes focus mainly on comfort foods as well as different ways to "remix" classic dishes. A lot of their recipes are passed down from their parents, so it's a great family type show. Overall the show is just super fun. From Gina's dancing and crazy voices to Pat's infectious laugh, they make you feel like you're in the kitchen with them just hanging out. I LOVE THEM! :)

My little brother and I decided to try their Chicken Alfredo Pizza recipe in particular because the thought of marrying two of our favorite dishes, chicken alfredo pasta and pizza sounded too good not to. We realized our ingredients weren't, so we were forced to improvise. The results were still AMAZING and the whole family enjoyed it! 

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