05 March 2010

Lose Weight Simply & Heathily

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1. Drink plenty of h2o -  Many times our excess weight can be a result of bloating. If you're staying active and eating healthy, but still have unwanted excess weight that just won't go away, try flushing out the extra water weight by keeping a constant inflow of water.  Flavor your water with some fresh fruit like strawberries, lime, lemon, or even cucumber, so it's not so boring.

2. Eat oatmeal for breakfast - It's important to start your day by eating something packed with fiber like oatmeal. It'll take a while to digest leaving you feeling full longer, so come lunch time all you'll need is something light and that should carry you until dinner, which again, you'll only need to be eating something light. Hey, you might even have some leeway for a sweet treat. Overall you'll be eating less throughout the day just by giving your appetite that jumpstart. Oatmeal is a common food item and can be found anywhere. It's so simple, yet can make the biggest difference.

3. Your House is your Gym! - Use household items as your equipment (canned goods for dumbells, chairs to do tricep presses, staircase for cardio) If you have a pet or children, take time out of your day to play with them! Do household chores! You can burn up to 150 calories in 45 minutes whether it's by sweeping, mopping, wiping the counters, ironing, vaccuming, etc. etc. Anything that can get your heart pumping is exercise! What's even better is you don't need any silly membership to get it done :)

4. Fresh Fruit! - Sugary sweets can completely ruin any diet, but a lot of times we indulge in these temptations because of just that...they're tempting! If you know you're going to be tempted to eat chocolates, try not to buy them as much.  Next time you have a sweet tooth, try eating some fresh fruit. It'll not only satiate your sugar craving, but you'll be receiving so much more benefits than if you down a chocolate bar. Also, if you really can't give up chocolate, opt for dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has less calories from fat and a lot of antioxidants!

5. Get sleep - Napping is a must!

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