04 February 2010


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Hmm it seems facebook has finally released its latest changes tonight. Unlike changes in the past, I actually like this new layout better. Everything seems more organized.

I like that everything you need to navigate through your page is mostly to the left of the screen including the search bar. Also, no more annoying red numbers that pop up on the lower right hand corner. And apparently facebook made a huge effort to fix the problem everyone had with their Recent Activities popping up in all their friends' feeds. Hopefully they were true to their word.

I'm sick of private messages with people asking me, "hey...you joined the Taylor Lautner Cougar Club....why?"

   LOL Because I DID OKAY!?!

Here are some screenshots of some of the changes....

(click pics for a larger view)

 no big differences, but an upgrade nonetheless haha

I can't wait for the swarm of "I hate the new Facebook...I want the Old One back!" groups to start popping up again.  If only I can tell them, it's just a matter of time before they eventually get over it, so........save the drama fo yo mama!! ;)

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