06 February 2010

"Onto the Next One...."

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I'm a little late in saying this, but.....Congratulations to Derrick Rose for being the first Bull in 12 years to make it to the All-Star game since of course, #23!!!! I still believe it should've been 2 bulls (Noah included), but 1 is better than none at all and who better to represent The Windy City than my favorite point-guard and Chicago native himelf,  D Rose! :) In addition to the All-Star game he was also chosen to represent the Sophomores in the Rookie Challenge game as well as the All-Skills Challenge where he will be defending his title. However, because it's unprecedented that a player will be participating all 3 days of the All-Star weekend, he has been scratched from the Sophomore/Rookie game. The league has stated that they felt it was unfair to ask too much from a player.  I will of course be rooting for the Rookies since Taj Gibson will also be representing the Chicago Bulls!

Overall it will be a very fun weekend especially since I will 100% guaranteed be watching Sunday for reasons stated above :)

All-Star weekend will begin Friday, February 13th. 

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