27 January 2010


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I've gotten back into running in part for training to do a marathon in the future. Of course, I gotta get through the 5k, which is in May, then we'll see where I stand then.  I have since needed a good pair of headphones. I usually just use in ear Sony ones with my ipod, but I find that they fall out easily and it isn't very pleasant to listen to. My brothers introduced me to a brand called Skullcandy. I see a lot of snowboarders, skateborders, even dj's who use it so I figured it's a pretty decent if not a really good brand.  I just ordered a pair online and I'm very excited to get it!! I originally wanted the hesh design, but the agent ones look even more sick! Reviews give it 2 thumbs up all the way, so hopefully they don't disappoint!

You will be mine soon! My ears can't wait to start a long lasting relationship with you :)

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