16 January 2010

The DDR Experiment

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Ever since I decided to start my Journey to a Healthier Me .  I've realized 3 things.

One, I suffer from exercise A.D.D.  

Two, I also have Song A.D.D. 

Exercise A.D.D. + Song A.D.D. = FAILURE!!

BUT! the third and final thing I learned about myself is just how important positive thinking has become to me as I try to reach this one goal of simply becoming healthier.  On paper, it seems so minor and irrelevant. But honestly, I feel like I can finally apply this new found adamance to the rest of my life and that in itself means worlds to me. It's almost like a ripple effect. Once your body and mind are in good harmony at this present moment, you start to create these positive visions of your life in the future, mostly in the form goals, that you just can't wait to set into motion.  I'm still working on that and it's taken me a while to figure all this out, but like I always say IT'S BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!! For some time there, setting goals and accomplishing them felt like a distant reality to me and motivation was buried too deep within to move forward. It was almost like I put myself on "pause", a form of self destruction I'd say, but now with this journey at hand I've learned how valuable not only life is to me, but how valuable I AM to this life.  I can safely say it's that time I finally press "play"again. Life waits for no one and I'll be damned if I fail to not only live the one God has graciously given me, but to do so in the best form of myself as possible.

"nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but everyone can start right now and make a new ending"


DDR in action. Pic courtesy of thefunones.com
Nothing, I just went on a little tangent there and I sincerely apologize lol.  But to follow up on those two A.D.D.'s I mentioned earlier, I find that DDR is just another way for me to get my heart pumping.  I find the treadmill and the act of running alone to be pretty tedious and boring and this is completely the opposite! In fact, it's fantastic! First of all, it eliminates any chance of me switching the song because you really have no control, unless you intentionally fail yourself out of a song, which is just too much of a hassle to me and takes too much of a blow to my pride whenever I do so haha.  Second of all,  it demands you to not only move that body, but to use the noggin as well leaving you with no time to get bored haha. It's perfect!! I've always loved DDR when it first came out in the late 90's early 00's, but never looked at it from a fitness point of view and now that I have, I'm ready to embark on a DDR Experiment. I will replace any running cardio that I do with DDR, which I'll do for an hour (or more) 3-4 days a week. I'll continue my weight training as well because that's important to me haha.

Again all this seems redundant because exercise is exercise, but the point here is ultimately I want to find a way to feel good about doing it and right now DDR is feeding my soul what it needs to get through a workout hahaha :p

we'll see how long I last and how good I feel! Something tells me this is destined for success :)



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