23 April 2013

7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge #3 - Day 2

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Today I went with a very simple smoothie. I blitzed together some  kale, basil, strawberries, and peach flavored greek yogurt. The result is a very sweet and tangy delicious smoothie. Again, you can't go wrong with a green smoothie. If you're someone that doesn't always get around to cooking as much vegetables as you'd like, having a daily smoothie is the way to go. You're getting all your vital nutrients, but in basically a sweet almost dessert form.

This smoothie in particular would also be delicious frozen or chilled--a great alternative to ice cream because of the creaminess of the greek yogurt :o)

Day 1 was unfortunately a fail!! I totally lost track of the date. I always get excited when I receive another email inviting me to do these challenges :o) Be sure to check out Katherine's blog for more details and for more delicious healthy ideas

Get Your Feast On!

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