26 May 2012

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I don't know how I could've forgotten to share this, but for my birthday earlier this spring, I received this gorgeous set of milk glass plates/platters, and cake stand from my awesome sister. I've been wanting to get some for so long specifically for my blog, so I was very excited when I saw these in the gift bag and definitely feel more motivated to continue blogging on a more consistent basis. I'm most excited for the cake stand haha. I'm not much of a baker where cakes are concerned, but I feel more assured knowing now that even if a cake I'm responsible for comes out disgusting *knocks on wood*, it at least has something beautiful to distract you to sit on xD

And finally, since they'll be making my dishes look that much nicer, I strongly felt that my new friends deserved their own post :)

Thanks sis! 

Feast On!

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  1. Hi, was at Petite Nyonya's place about to check out noticed your lovely profile pic and slammed my brakes, did a U turn busybody here.
    A beautiful girl who can bake cakes is worth her weight in gold.

    The kind that men love bring home show mummy....
    And mummies love DIL's who can cook and bake knowing their son won't be die or suffering from malnutrition, ha ha ha.
    You have fun, and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards.


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