15 May 2012

AFOMFT: Tulips & the Dutch

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 AFOFMFT= A Few of My Favorite Things

As I mentioned in a previous post, my family and I recently spent a short weekend to celebrate the coming of spring by checking out Tulip Time Festival in Holland, MI, the largest tulip festival in all of the United States.  As it has done all of April and May, fickle weather plagued much of the trip, but the sun was able to sneak in a few rays for at least a full day allowing us to see the gardens and enjoy the rest of the city even if we were kinda robbed (boo you, Mother Nature). The usually abundant, sea of tulips that you'd normally get to experience at the festival this time of year eluded us this time around so a visit back in the future is definitely a must :)

 Thank you to the Dutch for bringing tulips to America!

The next set of pictures aren't of tulips, but they were beautiful enough to share!

Feast On!

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