05 December 2011

MMMBop Beer?

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So, word on the street (and by street I mean various social media networking sites and blogs hehe) is that Hanson, the band of golden haired cuties from those bubblegum pop days of yesteryear are coming out with their own beer.

Yes, beer.

“We of course make records -- they are fundamental to what we do,” said Zac Hanson during a speech at Oxford University Union, according to the Toronto Star. “But we wanted to create a brand so that our fans have a greater experience ... in fact, we are soon going to be selling our own beer.”

“I’m not even joking,” he added.

Hanson's Indian pale ale to be named after their mega hit, "MMMBop is set to hit stores early next year.

I'm a Hanson fan. Not much of a drinker though, so I may pass on this one. 

What do you think of this?

Feast On,
Andrea Marie

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