04 November 2010

TOTD: Seasoning is Key to Low-Fat Success!

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TOTD = Tip Of the Day

A lot of people are initially turned off by "low-fat/healthy" cooking because they feel that all the flavor (mostly coming from the fat or high calorie ingredients) are being sucked away, which is partly true, BUT low-fat/healthy cooking doesn't HAVE TO be tasteless and unappetizing. 

Tip: Make sure that you stock up on spices. If you see that your grocery store is having a sale on spices or even herbs (fresh or dried), snatch them up if you can! The key is to season and spice your food very well to prevent from getting bored. Always make sure you taste it and adjust the spices to meet the approval of your palate. 

Hopes this helps anyone looking to spice up their food (literally) and get closer to their health goals! :)



  1. Well I am not very fond of cooking, but I love to eat yummy foods and you have it here Andrea. You have very clean and beautiful blog too. Congrats!

  2. Your blog is so wonderful thanks for the follow by the way. Just a note if i go through an entire month without using Curry i feel really sad:( .

  3. thank you Neneng for all your supportive comments and for sharing my blog on facebook :)

    Omoy thank you as well! I definitely will try to write/do research on some awesome curry dishes for ya :)


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