22 September 2010

God mat och söt en pojke!

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Translation?? Hello! haha jk (it doesn't really say that) :p

One of my passions in life besides food is of course, sports. I'm from Chicago after all aren't I? Recently, of the Chicago Blackhawks' (Stanley Cup champs!), Niklas Hjalmarsson did an awesome segment for abc7 news talking about some of his favorite dishes from his homeland of Sweden. Not many people know this yet because it's a relatively new interest that I've stumbled upon, but I'm falling more and more IN LOVE with Swedish culture. The country (in pictures I've seen) is absolutely gorgeous. Everyone is so beautiful. I love the fashion and most recently through this video my knowledge of Swedish cuisine has now extended farther than just...meatballs & lingonberry jam (which are awesome btw!). And for that I'm grateful! haha

So much deliciousness happening in this video.....and I'm not just talking about the food (gotta love those Swedish boys! :p)

EDIT: Video link should now work! haha

Some future Swedish inspired recipes in the future maybe?? 
I'm on it! :)


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  1. The food is delish! looking forward to those recipes girl!


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