25 August 2010

Smashion Interview!

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I was recently interviewed by Smashion.com, a free fashion market where you can sell your old stuff (ebay) or even create a store for handmade clothing and accessories (Etsy). Only difference is, it's 100% free to sign-up. You get 100% of the profit, so no selling fees.  It's pretty awesome!!

check it out!


Get to know Smashionistas up close & personal!
andreamarie387, a Smashionista since 06-Jan-10, recently had an interview with us.  Andrea loves recycling her closet and hopes you find something you'll love in her store.

Check out some of her seller's tips in her interview!
    Smashion: Tell us a little about yourself.  
    andreamarie387: My name is Andrea. I'm currently 23 years old and a lover of fashion and recycling. I'm a strong advocate in the saying "one person's trash is another person's treasure". Although I wouldn't call it "trash" just...old belongings! :)
    Smashion: Tell us about your store. What kind of items are you selling?  
    andreamarie387: My store isn't really anything out of the ordinary. I have a variety of clothing, dresses, jeans, tops for every season and occasion. I'm in the process of posting more up too.

Read the Full Interview


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