24 August 2010

Mom's Birthday Dinner

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My sister and I being silly

  Filet Mignon cabobs served with Alhambra rice and seasoned vegetables

Large Mezza Platter - Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Tabouli,
Dolmeh, Falafel, Lebna, Zaalouk,
Mo’jadara, and Zatoun, Shrimp Charmoula,
and Smoked Salmon

The aroma of freesia, cilantro, & chamomile in the air was hypnotizing as we chowed down some Meditarranean & Morracan cuisine. Every bite hit a different area on my tongue. So different, yet so familiar at the same time. We marveled (and maybe envied hehe) at the talented belly/tribal dancers on the stage. The lights were so dim, I could hardly capture any quality shots. I felt like I became nocturnal for a minute as my vision gained sharpness. So gorgeous the place was.

Alhambra's Palace is a feast for all the senses.

How perfect.

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