04 August 2010


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It's been such a very gloomy day today. It's days like these that make me wanna just curl up in my bed and sleep until the sun goes down. And then sleep again, until the sun goes up haha.  I wonder why that is. Is it the lack of serotonin maybe? Probably. In that case, if nature doesn't want to give me the energy, I guess I'll just have to find some for myself. The treadmill and I have taken a short break from seeing each other. Yesterday we reconciled for a wonderful 45 minute jog. Today, we might take the next step.


I think I'm in the mood for some High Intensity Interval Training! :)

- 2 minutes walking/2 minutes jogging alternating (10 minutes)
- 2 minutes jogging/2 minutes running alternating (10 minutes)
- light jogging, then cool down (10 minutes)

Endorphins, here I come!!


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