02 May 2010

Music nurtures my soul

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I think it's time I get in touch w/ my musical side again :)

My parents fell in love through music. My mom was a self-taught guitarist (I think haha) and shortly after they started dating, my dad learned how to play as well. Sweet right? :) My mom's side especially, is filled with amazing musicians. Piano was something that I grew up around. My aunts all played piano. My Tita Susie is a prodigy! I remember looking up to her as I grew up playing myself.  I was told that I had "natural" talent, whatever that meant. As I got older, my mind began to wander a bit as it was exposed to other things...distractions, as I now call them. I went through a patch of time during high school where I was really trying to find myself.

Eventually I stopped playing altogether and have since regretted that decision. I realized that the more I was TRYING to find myself, the farther I was straying away. I didn't know that then of course, now I do. My skills have somewhat faded, however I've begun to contemplate revisiting that part of me again. It's in there somewhere hibernating, I just gotta wake it up! I guess you can say I'm RE-teaching myself how to play again.

I miss it too much and quite frankly, I need it.

It wasn't until I was about 14-15 years old or maybe even older when I discovered that story about my parents and how guitar was introduced into their lives and soon into mine. Guitar is an instrument I fell in love with at an early age; an instrument I desired to learn how to play, but was never motivated enough to actually go after it. I remember my dad ordered a guitar from somewhere. I can't remember if it was the Home Shopping Network or at a garage sale haha. But he showed up at the house with a guitar in hand. After watching my mom play for the first time and my dad sing along, I was mesmerized and I wanted and still want a piece of that moment to always stay with me. I may not be the best guitarist ever and I honestly don't think this lifetime will allot me enough time to come even close, BUT it's a journey I'm willing to take and a challenge I'm willing to accept.

One BABY STEP at a time.

Sidenote: My brother plays the guitar as well and is AMAZING AT IT. He's also become another one of my inspirations. Thank God for my musically blessed family! :)


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