05 May 2010

Mama's Lasagna...well, not MY mama :p

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A recipe borrowed from Pat and Gina Neely from "Down Home with the Neely's" on Food Network!

Who would've thought that replacing ricotta cheese with cottage cheese in an ITALIAN recipe would be genius?? IT IS SO MUCH MORE DELICIOUS!! Often times I find that in lasagnas that I've tried in the past that either the sauce or the cheese or at times even both at the same time is too overpowering that it ruins the whole dish for me.  I personally like my lasagnas to be more cheesy than saucy. Ricotta cheese, which is what's commonly used in lasagna recipes, is too strong and tangy for my liking. It's delicious in small bites like ravioli or manicottis, but in lasagnas, it's just overkill. That's just me of course haha.

The Neely's and I seem to be in the same wavelength because, the cottage cheese they use in this recipe combined with mozzarella and Gouda (the Gouda was added by my brother) sprinkled with some Italian seasoning gives it that perfect creamy, cheesy, tangy deliciousness that isn't overbearing to go along with the meat sauce that actually requires FRESH tomatoes instead of canned ones, which again is GENIUS.

With that being said, I can honestly say that this is the best lasagna recipe I've ever tasted. 

If you want the recipe go to FoodNetwork.com


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