01 April 2010

Philippine Dreamin'

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If today is a tell-tale sign of what we can expect for the rest of the month, I will be the happiest person ever. I think Chicago reached a high today at just below 80°F! I started the day early with my mom and sister to run some much needed errands.

Her  wedding will be held in the Philippines, which I'm so excited about not only to go back and see my beautiful family whom I haven't seen since 2000, but to reconnect with my roots. I have only fond memories...vague, but fond memories of where I was born, Baguio City.  There are days where I'd sneak into my parents' room and steal one of the million (ok, I'm exaggerating) photo albums they have of life back home. From fear of losing any remembrance I have stored somewhere in my mind, I'd carefully study every single detail in every single picture, each person, thing, animal, place just so that I remain close to home always.  Some say memories are designed to fade, but I truly believe that they can never disappear completely.

Peace & Love always

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