21 February 2010

USA slaughters CAN 5-3!!!!

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I went into these winter olympics and for any olympics really, rooting for Team USA. That's a very easy given. In the sport of hockey, however, it wasn't so easy.

As much faith as I have for my team, just knowing we'd be playing against the likes of Sidney Crosby and the rest of the star studded lineup the Canadians have as well as the many experienced players from all around the world makes it a tougher obstacle to hurdle over. Not to mention the youth of the American team. Many people had their doubts on whether or not the Americans, an average of 26 years of age, can handle this level of play. Tonight was a true test and Hockey USA made a bold statement by not just winning 4 straight games, but defeating the country that is not only the favorite to win it all, but invented the sport of hockey, Canada!! You can tell me I'm getting ahead of myself here, but I believe that we have a legitimate chance at winning gold.  We have talented players, an amazing goalie (Ryan Miller was not human tonight!), youth, but most importantly, I'm starting to see a lot of chemistry developing with every game :) They proved tonight that they're capable of playing against the best. Are they the favorites? Hell no. Do people still doubt them? Yes.

Let us fly under the radar.........hopefully all the way to that top podium :)

2 of my favorite Chicago Blackhawks...it's a shame one of them had to be Canadian :p

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