11 February 2010

Taylor vs. Taylor??

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In recent news, I discovered that following in Edward Cullen's footsteps is Jacob Black who can now be found in the form of a doll....I mean action-figure :p

This is pretty exciting right? That's what I thought too, except look closely at his face..........on the action-figure/doll, I mean.


You're probably asking yourself the same question.....
Why does the Jacob Black action-doll look like this chick?....


(Closer looks)
(pictures courtesy of JustJared)

I know they dated and everything,
but this is JUST. PLAIN.WRONG!!
You be the judge. lol

1 comment:

  1. And THIS just made my day ROFLMFAO!!! You are too right, I thought the doll looked to feminine but until I saw this I didn't put it together! At least he doesn't look like that drag queen doll I had posted in my FB album, now THAT was scary. It was the one with Hooker Bella and her pimp Edward and then Dragqueen Jacob ~ it was truly priceless. I almost bought them just because they were so scary but they were someone's private collection :(


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