13 July 2012

TOTD: "Perfect" Easy-Peel Hard Boiled Eggs in 3 Steps

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TOTD = Tip Of the Day

Now, I've always loved hard-boiled eggs. I never realized how good they are for you though. Not only are they low in calories and packed with protein, but they're also filled with lots of vitamins and minerals...13 to be exact! According to the American Egg Board, hard boiled eggs contain choline (melts fat, good for liver), selenium (antioxidants). Some others include iron (energy booster), vitamin A (eye health), vitamin D (calcium absorption), zinc (cardiovascular and reproductive health), vitamin B-6 (brain function), and calcium (healthy bones & teeth). I didn't list all of them, but you get what I'm saying. Hard-boiled eggs are good for ya! They're also high in cholesterol, so moderation is key. But I have found that they make for an amazing snack in between a meal just to keep the hunger at bay. It keeps me full for quite a bit actually, so it's great for those who are prone to random cravings like me hehe

Making the perfect hard-boiled egg is all about timing....and a dash of vinegar! The vinegar of course softens the the shell allowing it to succumb right off--perfect for those who want a quick snack on the go.

Step 1: Submerge eggs in cold water & 2 teaspoons of vinegar.
Step 2: Over a medium-high fire, bring to a rolling boil.
Step 3: Remove from heat and allow eggs to cook in residual heat for 12-18  minutes.

And that's it!! I hope this was helpful :)

Feast On!

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  1. I love eggs in whatever form. It's not easy to get a perfect hard boiled eggs with a creamy soft yolk. Yours look perfect. Thanks for sharing on how to make it perfect..bookmarking this useful tips. :)


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