13 December 2011

Smorgie.com - Review

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Smorgie.com is a website created for food lovers just like myself. Through this network, you create lists of places you like to eat at. It gives you the option to title your lists with themes i.e "Ethnic Cuisine", "Family Spots", "Bar/Grill", etc. Not only that, but you can also browse other people's lists for new places that you'd like to try. Basically it's like having a filing cabinet of restaurants! :)

Overall it's a great website. It's super easy to navigate, sign-up process is simple, straightforward, and my favorite part of all, it's 100% FREE!

My only criticism is that right now in its early stages (Smorgie.com is pretty new), the browsing section was a little overwhelming at first especially with so many places and lists out there right now. I'd love to see a section or a separate page with regional categories. This way, it's much easier to browse for places around not only your area, but maybe another one specifically that you'd like to explore

Other than that, I'm a fan of Smorgie.com.  I hope that more people sign up for it. I' can't wait to see it grow into a large community where we can all share our foodie experiences as well as discover new ones that we may not be able to otherwise on our own. I already have my eye on a few spots!

(click on screenshot to enlarge)

(click on screenshot to enlarge)

For more information about this website, check it out for yourself and tell other food lovers you know!

Until next time.

Feast On,

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