23 December 2011

DIY Cookie Gift Idea (super minimal, but sweet)

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I forgot to post pictures of the final gift idea product in my last post, so I decided to take this opportunity and make a DIY type post.

 What you'll need:
  • cellophane bags (Dollar Store)
  • ribbon (super cheap at Walmart or craft store)
  • Packet of hot coco mix--whatever brand is on sale (they're all delicious to me!)

I was originally inspired to use a Chinese take out container that you can also get at the Dollar Store instead, but I figured these bags would be easier to carry around. They didn't have any Christmas designs left, so I went with butterflies lol. It was either that or monster cars. The pack of cellophane bags came with twisty ties, but I think the ribbon is a little more festive looking. Either way is adorable.

Again, this is very simple, very festive, stress-free. It's perfect to give as a gift to co-workers or to prepare as party favors at a cookie exchange/holiday party. All the ingredients to make the cookies were already in my pantry except the frosting and I always have packs of hot coco mix during this time of year. You can add more or less cookies if you desire and to really tie things together, you can include a mug. Mugs can get expensive though especially in bulk, so I didn't do that.

Overall considering I didn't have much time to do this, I'm happy with the outcome...I know I'd be happy to receive this, that's for sure! :)

Feast On!

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