08 November 2011

Sweet Tomatoes

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Such a lovely establishment.

I don't know many restaurants that are exclusively for the health conscious, so I was excited when I walked in and was greeted by bright green walls and the aroma of fresh....yes, in the noun kind of way. The place is set up to look like a cafeteria/buffet, except unlike the buffet you don't have to take that drive of guilt back home. Plus, the food is just delicious!

Healthy eating out never felt so good. I want so much to be a consistently healthy eater because just when I like to think I am, I fall of that wagon quicker than green grass travels through a goose. It's tough! BUT, I'm trying.

Sweet Tomatoes. Inspiring people everywhere :)

I give this joint. 2 very green THUMBS UP!

Andrea Marie

1 comment:

  1. this sounds like such a lovely place!
    we need more restaurants like this!


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