04 April 2011

Lent and Salad!

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 I'm not quite sure if I mentioned this already, but I did decide for Lent to give up meat (chicken, pork, beef, turkey, etc. etc.) I still eat eggs, cheese, and drink milk, but if you know me you'd know that giving up meat is a BIG deal, so it's definitely a sacrafice haha. I love meat lol. I have to say though surprisingly, I've been doing awesome! Not one ounce of meat and what surprises me more is that I don't really miss it. If I see a picture of BBQ or if my parents cook something amazing with beef or something, I THINK I miss it, but nothing in my body is at all tempted....so weird. If you're wondering how I get my protein....I guess in general, I'm following a Lacto-Ovo Pescatarianism diet. I eat A LOT of seafood as well as eggs, cheese, nuts, beans.

Below is a picture of what I would "ideally" eat for lunch. Sometimes I skip lunch altogether and just snack on nuts, craisins, or I'll make oatmeal. It's just a salad with poached egg over a bed of greens, grape tomatoes...I added croutons and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese to be bad lol, but you can omit all that and just stick with greens and egg to make it healthier. You can also make hard boiled eggs; or substitute egg with a nice flaky white fish or salmon. Any would be delicious. I made just a simple vinaigrette with fresh grapefruit juice, EVOO, salt & pepper.



  1. It's really cool that you're actually making a sacrifice for lent. And that salad looks so good! Healthy and delicious!

    <3 Paulyn from

  2. This made me so hungry. I need something to eat NOW :)

  3. Really looks delicious and yummy, i am feeling hungry.


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