22 February 2011

Creamy Chicken & Biscuits......from scratch!

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Anyone like those Banquet Homestyle Bakes Chicken and Biscuits? Yeah, the one that comes in a box? I think that's what they're called. All I know is that I LOVE THEM!!! haha I tried to make them from scratch one time and completely failed. Since then, I haven't even thought of attempting them again.

My brilliant brother however, who has also recently been getting into cooking..well, he's more into baking then anything and a master at all things dough related like fresh pasta, brownies, and yep, biscuits. I'm not sure if he found this recipe online or if he wrote it. Whatever the case, I'm so grateful! haha

B A M!!!

That's right. He completely slaughtered Banquet with this one. If you want me to post the recipe, let me know and I will get it to you from my bro!!

Andrea Marie

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  1. ummm...YES! I totally want to try this. (ps. I also like the Homestyle chick. & biscuits :)


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