01 October 2010

Foodie Blogroll!

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Yay! I finally got accepted onto the Foodie Blogroll!! I'm so excited haha. If you're not familiar with it, the Foodie Blogroll is an online community where food bloggers and food lovers can interact and share their blogs as well as enter to win certain contests and giveaways (I'm most looking forward to taking advantage of the latter lol). I applied a few weeks ago and wasn't sure whether my blog would get accepted, but it did and I'm so stoked!

Even if you're not a food blogger yourself, you will enjoy the website. I mean c'mon, I don't know many people who DON'T LIKE FOOD and if you don't, please seek help immediately.

In the meantime, I will be enjoying an awesome hockey game through the radio, a result of some bad decision making by the media. Hockey > Baseball, but unfortunately I'm in the minority who thinks this haha.

GO BLACKHAWKS! Hope you're friday is going great! :)



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